QAre there any benefits to using SAPICA?
A There's no more need for troublesome fare counting. Just touch the card for smooth travel by subway, bus or streetcar!
You can also get 10% of your subway, bus or streetcar fare back as SAPICA points!
Earned points can be used to pay fares for a real bargain! See here for details.
QWhere can SAPICA be used?
A SAPICA is an IC card you can use to pay fares on Sapporo's subways, buses and streetcars. It can also be used on other buses and transportation in the Sapporo suburbs.
Please see here for details on the area of validity.
SAPICA can also be used as electronic money at certain shops and vending machines bearing the SAPICA logo as below.
QHow long can SAPICA be used?
ACard balances stay valid for 10 years from last use. You can use it again on your next trip to Japan. Children's SAPICA is only valid until the next March 31st after the day before the child’s 12th birthday. (Ex.: Child turns 12 on April 1st, 2019. Card expires on March 31st, 2019. Child turns 12 on April 2nd, 2019. Card expires on March 31st, 2020.) The same card can then be updated to a SAPICA Registered IC Card (Adult use) on April 1st.
QCan mobile phones or smartphones be used as SAPICA?
AWe're sorry, phones are not supported.
QCan a SAPICA Registered IC Card be used by someone other than the registered user?
AUnfortunately, they can not. Only the registered user can use the card.
QWhere can SAPICA be recharged?
A We recommend subway ticket machines as the easiest way.
See here for details.
QI intended to recharge my card with ¥1,000, but accidentally recharged ¥5,000. Can I get that money back?
AMistaken recharges at bus and streetcar fare boxes can not be returned. However, if the mistaken recharge occurs at subway recharge areas, the mistaken amount can be returned, but only on that same day and only if the balance has not been used.
QCan it be used on JR?
AWe're sorry, it can not be used on JR.
QCan Kitaca, Suica, or other cards be used as well?
AThey can be recharged and used on Sapporo area subways, buses and streetcars the same as SAPICA. (Some equipment may be incompatible.)